” In harmony, there exists tranquility, beauty, and meaning “


The integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being in living spaces is one of our core values. This way of life is the result of imagination, creation and inspiration, as the equilibrium of life is created when people live their lives in harmony.


“ When crafted piece marries design ”

Apina uses a holistic approach in presenting our furniture as  “Product Series”  Each series is different in terms of style, design, colour and texture of wood, but what they have in common is exquisiteness in all aspects.


We believe that, for a furniture to be sustainable and environmentally responsible, it must be durable and able to withstand use over a long period of time. Every time a piece of furniture is replaced, more waste is added to our world.


Apina’s principle of product design is not all about creating a nice piece of furniture, rather, it is about reminding people to appreciate every little happiness of daily life, as these become their precious memories.


Our NET PRICE policy guarantees that the price you pay will not fluctuate by the amount purchased or as a result of periodic promotions.


“Home, A Peaceful Resting Place”


Home is where it began.. Because home is a place where life flourishes, choosing furniture for your home should be considered with at most important. The furniture must answers to all of your functional need at reasonable price. YACHON reflects this point in its product design that emphasizes sustainability, comfort and high quality materials with aesthetic pleasures to deliver great value furniture to home owners.

To deliver wooden housewares that respond to practical needs of home and family with decent quality, YACHON series introduces the new lifestyle. The home furnishing design that accommodates functional desires of diverse lifestyles of living from an urban condominium to a small house in suburban.


” From passion to culture: Design, Quality and Sustainability ”

We pay great attention to selecting the finest quality raw materials, and put a great emphasis on details, in order to make furniture with a long lasting impression. We are constantly researching and developing our furniture to lengthen its lifespan and to connect the utility of the furniture in different rooms of the house together.


“A bedroom is where we go to unwind and spend time with the most important people in our lives. It’s the place where we truly get to be ourselves”


“Find the perfect balance between comfort and style in your own living space, a treasured place that sets the tone for your entire style of living”


“A hearty meal is like a journey where success not lies in the destination, but in the joy and happiness that we find on the path in our daily lives


“Create a workspace that serves your business needs and is also a natural extension of your home and personality, balancing leisure and business”


“Storing combination is versatile modular system that will answer all your storage needs”


“Decorative accents, a small, multi-function item is a key element that will pull a room together and allow you to add a personal touch to every room”



YACHON’s series is dedicated to create high quality furniture at affordable price. “Solid Wood” is chosen as a core material for our furniture, especially for the parts that require extra durability or frequently touched by users. The dying, painting and finishing processes are conducted by our expert hands to ensure exceptional quality furniture.

With great attention and respect in every detail and process, YACHON series offers a set of furniture for all types of room: Bedroom, Living room, Dining room and Study room to fulfil happiness for every member of the family.


Visit us at your nearest store and be inspired by our collections!

Apina House is a manifestation of our concept for displaying our products. It is a stand-alone building that acts as a gallery to exclusively display every existing product series made by Apina, all of which are designed and manufactured in our factory.
Our staff will be more than willing to help you choose furniture for every room in your house in a relaxing and private atmosphere.
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