“Commitment to long term service for the life of the furniture”

At Apina, we make a serious commitment, looking after every one of our products, as we want to give assurance to our dear customers that our furniture will remain in a good condition throughout the product’s lifespan.

It does not matter what kind of damage your furniture has sustained: a scratched surface, a torn piece of upholstery or even worn-out condition after 20 years of extensive use; we will take great care in the repair process for any Apina furniture.


“We will repaint it, upholster it and replace damaged parts in order to bring your good old furniture into tip-top condition while retaining its sentimental value”


“ Because wood is a natural product, differences in colour and grain variations, along with the appearance of natural characteristics is to be expected ”


Over 1000 designs of Apina products differ by form, colour, material and type of upholstery. Our products are made of solid wood with different natural wood grains, creating unique characteristics in each piece of Apina furniture. The wood grain patterns and the colours of each of our products are naturally different, as opposed to synthetic surface-covering materials.


We would like to kindly remind you that the photos of Apina products and the actual products might differ in detail, due to the technological limitations of printing that perhaps might not accurately represent the colour of wood, upholstery and every detail of each furniture product. Therefore, a trip to visit any of our Apina Houses is recommended, in order to see and feel the real quality of our products.

Terms and conditions of our lifetime warranty

Terms and conditions of our lifetime warranty


1. This warranty only covers the products that are manufactured and distributed by Apina Industry Co., Ltd.


2. This warranty only covers products used in indoor locations.


3. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by repairs or modifications made by any third party.


4. In the case that Apina cannot supply the exact replacement materials, parts or components for the covered product, the company reserves the right to supply substitute replacement materials that have similar features, qualities and standards.


5. The product maintenance costs will be incurred based on the damage to the product itself.


6. Apina reserves the right to change or alter the details of the terms and conditions of the warranty without prior notice.




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