“The standard bed frame for all of Apina’s bed”


The bed base is the most important part of the bed. A good-quality bed should have appropriate flexibility and adequate air circulation to prevent moisture from accumulating; the accumulation of moisture is the main cause of fungus and bacteria. Apina’s Wooden Spring system is the standard bed frame for all of Apina’s bed product lines designed to improve bed base flexibility in order to absorb the movement of body weight and provide a stronger structure. This system also allows air to circulate below the mattress and gives extra stability to the bed frame and the mattress.


The Wooden Spring system is made with curved wooden slats, which are compressed using a high-pressure bending machine in order to produce a proper and accurate curve for maximum durability and flexibility. The bed base is further strengthened by six double-layered rows of curved wooden slats. These slats are located at the centre of the bed where the most pressure is exerted, providing a greater degree of comfort for the bed’s user.


Our Wooden Spring system consists of the following:


1. 32 Wood slats made from mechanically compressed and bent pieces of wood. This process gives the wood slats the flexibility needed to absorb weight and circulate air under the bed. The wood slats are in line with the bed base to prevent excess moisture under the bed.


2. Wooden beams attached to both sides and the centre of the bed. The wooden beam at the centre is connected to double adjustable wooden feet to make a strong foundation for the bed.


3. Connectors for the wood slats, which are moulded using a plastic material, are designed to fit with each wood slat. This helps maintain the flexibility of the wood slats.