“One great thing about solid wood furniture is that the longer you use it, the richer and glossier the wooden texture of the furniture will become”


Solid wood is the most valuable and suitable raw material for making furniture. Apina’s furniture is made with high-quality rubberwood timbers. Rubberwood is eco-friendly, sustainable, and a high-quality wood, as its timber is a by-product from rubber tree plantations that can no longer yield latex.


The main structures of our sofas, beds, tables, and chairs are made from solid wood for maximum durability.

The top of our wardrobe and cabinet products are also made from solid wood. This makes these products more durable and able to carry greater weight and resist scratches caused by placing or moving heavy objects on the top surface.

The door handles of wardrobes and cabinets are the parts that people touch the most. Apina uses solid wood for these handles to ensure that our customers will be impressed each time they touch these items.

Apina also uses solid wood for the base mouldings of our storage units, allowing these mouldings to withstand any potential damage from household cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners.