“Finest finishing to natural wood colour”


Apina’s colour performance procedures involve a special and delicate process that begins with careful preparation and ends with the final colour spray and rough finished polish, which allows for a deep, smooth, and durable colour dimension


1. Wood dying and staining process

The wood components that have undergone the sanding process are submerged in a colour bucket to make their colour rich and vibrant before they are assembled as a piece of furniture. This is a great way to create a beautiful wood colour that will not fade with age.

2. Base painting

Clear base paint is applied twice to the assembled furniture to smoothen the wooden surface by filling its imperfections. After the paint has been completely dried using spray baking booths, the furniture is sanded again to make the wooden surface smoother.

3. Applying the paint coat

After the surface has been completely prepared, the colour paint coat is sprayed evenly to create uniform colour layers and to naturally increase the depth of the colour.

4. Applying the matte varnish coat

The final step of the finishing process is applying the matte varnish coating to the painted furniture. This adjusts the glossiness of the furniture’s surface, making the surface strong, durable, and beautiful.