“The cabinet assembly system that is adaptable to different storage needs”


Because each household has different needs in terms of storage space, Apina has developed the “Burger System” which can be adjusted depending on the available space and layout of each customer’s home. The preferred usability and durability of this system is also adjustable.


The Burger System is the strongest cabinet assembly system developed and patented by Apina. As its name suggests, the system includes pieces of solid wood on both the top and bottom to hold the cabinet’s units together. This makes the cabinets strong and stable while still allowing the customer the freedom to choose the storage units they need, as the units come in a variety of sizes and offer different functions to suit each customer’s needs and available space.


The Burger System consists of the following:


1. Top and bottom bases

Single pieces of solid wood are used as the top and bottom bases to support the cabinets. This solid wood offers the highest possible durability for the system. Together these bases accommodate the combination of cabinet units, which range from one panel to a maximum of eight panels in width.


2. Storage cabinet units

All units are designed depending on the available space and functional needs of the customer’s home. The customer has several cabinet door panel designs to choose from, including solid wood panels, glass panels, panels with traditional hinges, or modern sliding door systems (including panel drawer cabinets). Every cabinet door and drawer can be opened and closed smoothly and silently thanks to the Burger System’s soft closing system.


3. Side panels (only available for the ZAIEN series)

The side panels hold the combined storage units together from both the left and right to add extra durability to the combined units. These panels also come with solid wood face frames to add a touch of natural beauty.